Video for February
Sorry I haven’t been keeping Patreon as up to date as I should. I’ve been working on an animation for a while now which will be done in February. So far, it doesn’t provide many good screenshots. For some reason, lately I’ve been alternating between comedy videos and serious videos with each new upload. The last one was comedic; this one is serious.

Religion has owned much of our history and as such, it can boast many of the world’s greatest thinkers. This is very compelling to a lot of believers. Many intelligent people have believed in God, and still do. My next video will not only explain how an intelligent person can come to believe in something that’s utterly ridiculous, but also how the ridiculous claim - despite its ridiculousness - could be difficult to disbelieve. Basically, it explains how the deck has been stacked in religion’s favor - truth be damned.

Thoughts? I'd also like to know if you'd be interested in me tackling any issues beyond the domain of religion, perhaps an issue that somehow mimics religious-like problems, like other dogmatic ideologies.