Video Game concept- Sand Golem
You didn't think they only came in one size?

We haven't seen 'em in the graphic novels yet, but we will.   Sandmen can be constructed in a variety of ways, and the Sand Golem is considerably larger and more formidable than your standard Sandman.

Our video game buddy was over this week, so we splurged again and sketched up a range of enemies we've been planning for the game.   Spike Pukers, Hive Bats, Sand Golems, and more- samples to come.

We also drafted the range of standard attacks for Mace, so we can begin constructing and testing the combat system this fall.   A few days of sketches should open up a lot of gameplay testing opportunities.

Stay tuned, Patrons- we're expecting to need playtesters in the coming months, and you're gonna be on the frontlines.  

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