VIDEO: How to Make Aesthetics
Hello, patrons! Thank you for subscribing and clicking to see this video! A few days ago, I spent the morning making a how-to video for aesthetics, which are essentially collages that evoke the feeling of a book or story. 

You can see examples in my art tag as well as on my twitter

Book aesthetics have been incredibly popular on book twitter over the last few months, and I really enjoy making them. However, I see some of y'all using images that creators have not released for use in anything else, which isn't okay. So, what this aims to do is to help you find images that are usable and won't get you a cease and desist letter from artists and photographers. 

I couldn't figure out how to do closed captions on this, but I do have a transcript available as a download here and available as an attachment that's fairly accurate for those who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing. I'm also going to link the websites here!


Your best bet is going to be stock images, which you don't have to pay for! 

Where to find free stock photos: in order of most to least useful

  • Pixabay: Great variety, but pictures aren't always high quality. Best search function available. Also offers video, illustrations and vector graphics! No credit required
  • Unsplash: High quality image, good variety, but the search function is questionably useful. Will often surprise you with dog images, which is definitely a plus IMO. No credit required, but it is appreciated.
  • Pexels: Usually uploads their images to pixabay, but it can be easier to narrow things down in. High quality images. No credit required.
  • PicNoi: Specifically for people of color! Few options, but more PoC options than other websites. Search function sucks. Credit required.
  • Magdeleine: Categories are useful, search function isn't ideal. Credit required. Search by dominant color is very useful.
  • Flickr: You have to actively search for a creative commons license, but this site has a lot of variety from amateur photographers.

Ashley Poston, author of Geekerella, wrote about this as well so check out her twitter thread

Last but not least I will remind you, no, BEG YOU, TO STAY. OFF. OF. PINTEREST. LEAVE IT ALONE! 

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