Here's a list of some video ideas I have and what I need to do to set them in motion~

- Craft Room Tour: CLEAN. lol, I need to clean and organize my craft room before I can do this one. Even if it's not perfect but it's a disaster right now.

- Fall Favorites: The summer leading into the fall was way too hectic so I missed out on doing a summer favorites video. I told myself, and my viewers at one point, that I was going to try to do a favorites video each season XD so I'd like to share my favorite things with you soon!

- Cosplay: I have several cosplay related video ideas. I want to film myself making either cosplay costumes or props and kinda talk about the process a little. I also love showcasing new costumes so when Froppy is done I can do a final reveal of her. 

- Giveaway: I have another giveaway planned. This one has lots of stationary and girly things, since my audience on YouTube is heavily female based. I am super close to 400 on YouTube and I've reached new milestones on Instagram! 

- Cosplay: Yes, more cosplay. I've thought about making a video on where I buy my cosplay/ how many bought cosplays I have versus my handmade cosplay and my thoughts on handmade versus bought cosplays. *** I'm thinking about filming this one today but I don't write out scripts for videos and feel like this one might need one... like i'm a little unsure how to go about it XD haha

These are a few of the ideas I have. I'd love to hear about any videos you'd like me to make! What do you think would be an interesting video for me to do? If there anything you're curious about that you'd like to know my thoughts on??

~ Koneko