Video: Immersion, Flow, & Role-Playing Games (Revision i)
Initially only for Patreon supporters June 12th, 2017. Available to general public July 28th, 2017. Fortunately, despite not being the perfect video production quality wise, the professor was happy with the content and gave it 100%. Now I can make it available to the general public (though I might get a little grief from Youtube over the Kobe Bryant clips, we'll see). When finals are over, I will try to go over it once again, if I have time, and put a little more production polish to it. I will also be filling out the Closed Captioning. I want to try to have all our videos include CC, alas it is such a time consuming process.

This version is uploaded to Youtube to make it easier for you to view, but it is not yet listed for the general public, so that you, kind supporters, can have first access. If you didn't get a chance to download the previous one, then I hope you enjoy this version.

I very appreciate any feedback/comments you can provide.

Happy Gaming!