Video: Inking FaLLEN Ch. 11 P. 10
Finally, the fruits of my labor can be shown! This thing took me forever to film right. Tried lots of new techniques and individually chose each camera settings for when I switched panels, etc. Up until now I only used one camera angle and one setting, but here you can actually see some close up shots of me doing smaller details. 

My hands are still in the way a bit but this is a big improvement over videos I've posted previously, and this is likely how I will do videos in the future. But because it takes me so long to edit and trim, etc etc, I will definitely only do this about once a month. 

This video also needs to act as a form of advertisement for me since I have cons and Kickstarters coming up, so I think for the first time ever this is available to everyone. Now people who are in lower tiers will get a feel for what my videos will look like for mid-upper tiers.

Compressed five hours of work time into just under 50 minutes. 

For the next video I can do either pencils or screen tone... which would you guys like to see?

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