Video : My Travelogue
Hellooo ❤

I loooove collecting other people's travelogues and travel journal. In this video, I would like to share with you all my collected books over the years.

The list of my travelogues / travel journal :

  • French Milk by Lucy Knisley (France)
  • Displacement by Lucy Knisley (a Cruise)
  • Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson (Europe & Morocco)
  • Memento bento by Alessandra Criseo (Japan)
  • Tokyo on Foot by Florent Chavouet (Japan)
  • Maneshima Island Japan by Florent Chavouet (Japan)
  • Natsu by Atelier Sento (Japan)
  • Orange Ginger Jam by Frannerd (Chile)
  • Perfect Tree Shapes by Frannerd (France)
  • Jejon di Jepun by Jonsuraya (Japan)
  • We bought a bus ticket from KL to England by Black Jellyfish

This is how I keep the fire burning. They are all beautiful and inspiring, no ? So for anyone who wants to be an illustrator, you need to collect inspiration as many as you can (especially the ones who self-taught themselves) and learn from them. You don't have to copy, you'll need to learn skills that you need to know in order to make for own stuffs.

In this case, I really like how Allessandra Criseo collected her story so I am mostly inspired by her. But eventually when I published my own travel journal, I noticed that my travel journal also resembles Frannerd's travel journal (but I just bought it a couple of months back). And I love Craig Thompson's & Florent Chavouet's travelogues but I can't imagine doing that for my own travelogue because I honestly can't draw that well :F

Here's to my first self-published book ! And I'm currently in the process of digitizing my second self-published travel journal to Osaka + Nara (which is more fun + more colourful + longer + detailed + improved !) ❤

- AA

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