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So I've been a little slow off the mark so far in 2014 with regard to videos, but all that is about to change! However my first video will be a complete one-off for my channel: I recently found some archive footage of World War 1 online, and was very moved by it. Since 2014 marks the centenary of the start of the Great War I've made a video using some of the real archive footage, with a simple musical background using the opening track from my "Ascension" CD. It's different from anything I've done so far and I'll be putting it up outside the Patreon system as I don't want it to be paid content. I do hope you will find it as moving as I do. Then it's on with my more usual music videos; but....I've got Chris here to film for me for a couple of days, with lights, extra lenses and a jib, so the video we're shooting to accompany "Tubular Bells for One" should be amazing! I'll be putting the WW1 video online later today (I'll post the link here), and the Tubular Bells video should be out sometime next week. Next month I'm planning a Zelda medley (at long last), some unaccompanied Bach (hopefully in Ely Cathedrsal!) and more.....
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