[video] Sierra Designs 'High Side Tent'
Here is a great video by Casey Sumnicht, the 'Equipment Project Manager' of Sierra Designs, showing off the soon to be released 'High Side Tent'.

This tent was first shown to the general public at the 2017 OR show in SLC. It probably got the most attention from this article by Skurka, which is where it caught my attention.

The High Side is right at the 2 pound mark, by the time you add in the insane 13 stakes that this shelter requires. That is a really interesting weight-point for a solo shelter - or rather, I should say, a double wall, solo shelter.

To me, the highlight of this shelter is the inner. As many of you may know I have been trying to give the bivouac an honest try the last season or two - and if you know that, you know just how much I loath a bivouac, I have never made that a secret. But that is exactly why I have been trying to use one as much as I can... to try to learn new things from something that I loath a great deal... because self education about the world of hiking should always a priority.

So yeah, the inner part of this shelter has really peaked my interest. The idea of having an inner, that is not necessarily a straight bivouac, but not also the traditional 'inner' of most shelters already out there, be it the SMD Serenity/Haven, the MLD Serenity BugNet Shelter, or what I have been using the inner of my MSR Freelite 2, which gives me an insane amount of livable space above-and-beyond just a straight bivouac.

I gotta say, I am looking forward to maybe getting one of these, just to test out the inner part to see if it would be viable as a bug-protection extended-bivouac/inner.

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