Video Storage Limitation Woes

I have been diligently recording and editing videos for the Making Your Wsydom Wrap Journal series in order that the information and videos can be posted prior to June 1st. I want those that will be joining me for the paid portion of this journey to make their journals and be prepared to launch.  But I've run into a snag --

My Vimeo account has limited storage.

And because I have been recording, editing, and posting the videos as they are ready, I have nearly reached my upload max for this week. That means no more video posts until after May 22nd...

I could go over to YouTube where I wouldn't have an upload limit, but then I don't have all the bells and whistles I have with Vimeo. Or maybe I do, and they are just less obvious. But I've been using YouTube for a while and I just can't seem to setup my YouTube Channel like I have my Vimeo account setup.

So I will stick with Vimeo...

Sure -- there are other packages that I could subscribe to that would give me more storage space, but that takes money. Maybe if their higher plans offered a monthly payment option, I would better be able to swing it. But the higher tiers only offer an annual subscription -- or at least that's all I can seem to find.

All that said, the next video in the series is ready but not yet uploaded. It's over 90 minutes of real-time creative footage! This part of the series takes you through making the unique wrapping cover for the journal. After Part Two is posted, the last part will be posted -- "tending" the journal:

  • Cleaning up the edges
  • Adding the closure
  • Adding decorative beads...

That sort of thing, up to and including painting the front cover!

Everything is recorded. I am working on editing the embellishment sections that I mentioned above. And then that video will be finalized as Part Three. I am expecting about 90+ minutes of real-time footage for that video as well. That's where we actually paint!

Did you realize I used the phrase "real-time footage"

There is not one tier offered that includes real-time footage. The middle tier, for just $5 a month, offers time-lapsed videos. The top tier, for just $10 a month, offers the time-lapsed video with an accompanying PDF that includes pictures and step-by-step instruction. That means that both these tiers are receiving bonus real-time creative footage at no additional charge! And that's how I do things around here...

Patreon is designed for me to offer "rewards" to my patrons according to their patronage. It's a great setup -- I get the support I need to continue offering mixed media and art journaling instruction, and my patrons are able to afford quality instruction at a price they can choose which means it will match their budget. But anybody who knows me knows you will end up getting so much more than what's listed as a "reward"!

That's just my style... I have to set a minimum standard. You all need to know what to expect for your patronage. The "bar" that I set is simply the least that I will do as my "thank you" for your support. What you get will be SO MUCH MORE. And it's being demonstrated right from the start with the hours of real-time videos that I am sharing with my patrons at the middle and top tiers.

Hopefully soon I will be able to afford to upgrade my Vimeo account and I won't have to twiddle my thumbs for 4 days until my storage limit is replenished before posting the next video for all of you...

Until then, I guess I will post to the blog here and share photos and chit-chat about my MADness about Making Art Daily.