[VIDEO] Studio Hangout July 2017 - Coloring Book, DragonCon, & Kickstarter!
This video ushers in my return to sharing monthly Studio Hangouts with you guys!

In this month's Studio Hangout, I talk about the epicness that has been July thus far!  From my first coloring book published this month to all the fun things happening in the near future. 

Plus, get a look at my studio chaos as I prep for DragonCon.  I keep promising a proper studio tour, but it's been so very messy!  

SOON!  Really!

Also, for the Q&A section I had planned for my monthly updates, I have decided to post them as separate short and sweet videos to make the questions easier to find for people. 

The topic I'll be posting soon is the question I have received quite often this month - How did I get my work published with Impact Books and Anthem?

My video answer will be coming soon later on this week!

Links in the video:

- Colouring Heaven Magazine 

- My Birthstone Series, the Ladies of the Months 

- My Kickstarter Profile 

- Drawing Art Nouveau Hair Tutorial 

- The Uncrucified Story and Art