Video tour & early bird special
Here's a video tour of my new classroom and part of the VFE shop. The video walks through what we've done so far, and what I plan to do to provide students will lots of opportunities to work with circuits.

On August 1,  patrons will be charged for the 1st time, officially starting my work as  a Patreon creator. Here are the special perks for those who jump in  early.
$5 & $10 levels - I will create a lesson  or mod options for a VFE Pedal specifically for you. Remember, it must  be an analog (not digital)! Message me if you are unsure if your request  is possible. Open to the first 10 patrons.
$15, $25, $35, and $45 levels  - You will get your 1st reward shipped out in the 1st two weeks of  August! After that, physical rewards will get shipped out every 3rd  payment. Open to the first 25 patrons.