Super duper short post, to give the video thing here a try. Can't learn if you don't try, our dog always says, before he eats something of very questionable origin.

And I'm glad I did try! Seeing as I'm rather late in creating the intro video, it seems prudent to first find out if I can actually upload one of these new-fangled things to Patreon first. Lo and behold, you can't do it by transfering from a website (such as my own, which has all kinds of support for video). Nope. It must be done either through YouTube or Dropbox.

Well okay, now I know at least. I suppose there is no more excuse for me not to do the real video.... Will attempt perhaps Sunday.

Anyway, for the benefit of your blood pressure, the above video is of the lake I did the ultra-quick sketch from. Enjoy the lovely sounds of water! And until next time, 


EDIT: Looks like the dropbox link doesn't work either, so FINE I'll try BoobTu- I mean YouTube...