Video Tutorial: Hiding Seams in Short Fur
This is a special sewing technique best used on Seal, Beaver, and other SHORTPILE types of faux fur. It is a way to hide seams in fur that is easy to brush out of a seam, but suffers from that little visible seamline that longpile furs don't get when sewn traditionally (with the fibers tucked away from the seam). 

The concept of this technique shown is you intentionally trap the fur in the seam when pinning/clipping together the fabric. Sew it with a long straight stitch, and then brush it out at the backing. 

To brush it out you can use a comb, slicker brush, pin, or even the fingertip brush that I use  in the video.

This way there is no chance for a different level of fur to be stuck within the seam and it is hidden better as a result of this effort. You can still use traditional techniques with the trapped technique to make lines between toes or other intentional design elements.

The traditional way of tucking the fur into seam still works for longpile fur, this technique is JUST for short pile furs.