VideoBrains Talk: Would You Like To Play A Game?
I knew I forgot something in that newsletter....

So I returned back to VideoBrains last month as part of the London Games Festival.  The theme of the month was 'Resident Evil' and dealing with backstabbing and tumultuous relationships.  While a small stretch I discussed the contentious nature of AAA games AI with players; systems that often are designed to aid you, to encourage you, to support you... until they decide to kill you.

I'm kinda running on adrenaline in this one - I just did EGX Rezzed days prior and came to London straight off running the game studio as part of the MSc/MA programme I teach (i.e. I am TIRED!).  But it does involve silly voices and Scottish impressions of Batman and the Xenomorph, so that might be something you dig.


P.S. Be sure to check the other talks on the playlist.  As always VideoBrains puts on a cracking programme each and every month.