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What the hell is going on I made a review. Like just a review. I did it, i evolved. No... wait. this isn't a review at all. It's a... not review? Whatever it's a video on the internet about a game. 

I also made this patreon video thing that you obviously saw or else you probably wouldn't be here. In it I talk about reward tiers or something I don't know seems pretty boring and gay.

Enough of that crap back to the video games. This badass remade the crappiest metroid besides other m, Metroid 2, and actually made it playable! What a hero. Nintendo fucked him tho and took it down, but not before i got my hands on it. Can't find a download to play it for yourself? Don't worry, you can do the next best thing, which is watch me suck at it!

Now that's what I call some videos on the internet. Enjoy my crap!