videos are on the way!
This is the first of many videos I will be doing, pixel art speed videos. This is a pilot of how things will be, its not set in stone but its kind of what I'm looking for. Sadly I'm no Stephen Spielberg so they won't be all bells and whistles, simplicity works for me and I like things to be simple.

This is what I have been working on for the last week or so, so learning how to use a video software has had its draw backs, but I am getting better and faster, so I apologise for not tweeting/posting. I am still working away with things as I try to get my self into a position where its all manageable. I really wanted to get a video done and my YouTube account created.

Its all coming together, bit by bit, and I'm pleased this one is done, I hope you guys and girls are pleased too. You will be in the credits once its all polished up a bit.

Thanks again for your support, I really appreciate it.