Videos coming this week (starting today!)
Tuesday 20th (today): Should you work for free?

Wednesday 21st: Do you need a healthy sleep pattern to lucid dream?

Thursday 22nd: Authenticity & being true to who you really are

Friday 23rd: The basics of lucid dreaming

Saturday 24th: Another 5 fun things to try while lucid

Sunday 25th: The best way to get rid of old habits and embrace new ones

Monday 26th: Did you have a lucid dream? How to know for sure

There's a small change that this release order will change - but even if that happens except all of these videos over the next 7 days. 

Also just a heads up, I'm testing out a couple of new things in these videos: background music, and transitions to break up the talking a little.

I've added both for the purpose of making my videos more engaging and interesting to watch. I'm still figuring things out though - and so in some videos the music may be a little too loud. In others a little too quiet. 

I have compared this week's videos to older videos though and at least to me the music + transitions seem to make them a lot more enjoyable to watch. So hopefully you'll all agree and find this a welcome improvement! If so, then I'll keep making future videos in this manner :)