View from the hill Lovoš.
I went outside for a walk in nature and to calm my mind. I was thinking about Patreon and about what I like to do. There is a lot of effort behind every picture or a video, even if it is not taken by the high end camera. I would like to buy better equipment like CF card with bigger capacity (I have 4GB right now), backup battery (good in cold days or during long runs) and have the chip cleaned time to time. It is very basic, as you can see. My camera is very old (from 2005), but I really hope it is going to stay with me even longer so I can bring more pictures from our beautiful landscape. And it can be even with your help, if you are interested.

For more pictures, feel free to check out my blog post. Just scroll down to the gallery or look here and there. There is ton of other stuff (urbex, reenactment) too. Thank you.