Viewer's Choice: Votes Open!
Starting NOW, all Patreon users can vote (via the comments) on one of the following games to be played on Wed. (02/14), Thu. (02/15), and Sat. (02/17). Please vote only once weekly on Patreon, but also vote additionally via Whisper on Twitch and on the 'Vencabot' Discord ( .  Since this is our first vote and none of our Havel or Knight-tier supporters chose a game to sponsor, I'm sponsoring 3 games, myself:  

BloodRayne - I've never played a game in this franchise, before, but I've heard it's interesting!

LittleBigPlanet PSP - LittleBigPlanet on PS3 was amazing, and this is a new, blind-play adventure! I've heard the portable version is kind of wonky, though...

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown - This was the first (and only other) fighting game that I played at a competitive level. I'd have to re-learn from scratch, though!

Thanks for playing along, if you're so-inclined! If you have any questions, get at me!