Viking Great Hall Map Process.
Well, we may as well jump straight in with this first post. Before we delve into The Vault of Kvasir, we need a starting point. Our journey of discovery will begin in a mid-sized fantasy viking village that is situated on a lake. Miles away is the dwarven mine that will serve as our entry point to The Vault but first we will learn a little bit about life on the surface.

This sketch was done on my iPad Pro using Procreate. It's a great little tool that makes time-lapse videos of everything you draw. From here, I will move over to PhotoShop and start building this in detail. Patrons at the Explorer level and above will receive this map in a number of formats -

eAdventure Tiles: A PDF of this map broken down into six inch square tiles.

VTT eAdventure Tiles: 100ppi jpegs of each tile for use with VTT aps.

Large Scale Map: A 150ppi jpeg of the entire map for use with large format printers.

Full Page Map: A single page PDF of the map for easy reference.

Back soon with more art and setting content.

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