Viking's Daughter v0.23.0 Free Build

Hey guys,

Here you can download the stable v0.23.0 release.

Make sure to keep your GPU drivers updated, especially if the game crashes! For nVidia GPUs download GeForce Experience.

Paid Backer build v0.24.0 


Windows x64 



Viking’s Daughter v0.23.0 Changelog

NSFW & Animations

  • The first threesome scene in the game including Hertha and Sigrid, only available in Playground in v0.23.0
  • Sex scene with the new character Sigrid, available in Story mode and Playground.
  • Cuddle animation scene with Hilde on the ship
  • Added settings during the Hilde’s ride scene to increase breast size and change speed.
  • All of the current animations are brought to Playground game mode.

Characters & Models

  • Sigrid - she is the new character, who is living in Skadiland and is a very important for the story’s progress. This build includes her in one quest with multiple tasks.
  • We have added an axe weapon that you will earn as a quest reward, it has 5 animations and deals a lot more damage than the sword, but should be used in closer combat.
  • New models for the 2nd village in Skadiland where Sigrid lives. More things will be added later on.
  • The wolves are now available in Skadiland.


  • Finished the Hilde’s night journey quest.
  • A new quest with Sigrid that has two different outcomes, be careful which options you select in the dialogues during the negotiation!
  • The system has been improved to offer quests with different outcomes, spawn multiple characters, change them to hostile depending on which options the player selects and control the weather / time of day in case some quests can be done only at night.
  • Quests can be started from NSFW scenes.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • The shadow of the player’s head had problems during NSFW animations - missing half of the face. we are hiding the face to avoid clipping with the camera that’s why the shadow looked off, but now we have a solution that makes the head’s shadow look much better.
  • Improvement to factions, so NPCs can change their opinions of other NPCs or player and become enemies.
  • New system to give backer rewards such as golds and weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Save Hilde quest didn’t start unless you turn on the dialogue type effect.
  • We imported our better save system that will be used in the future.

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