Villain-In-Distress: Introduction
All right everyone! Here is my introduction to Villain-In-Distress! The Introduction is a bit longer than I intend for further installments to be but I'll always keep a chapter as long as I feel it needs to be... or maybe I should call them something like Issues since it's a superhero/supervillain story? I don't know. What do you think?

Unlike future installments of Villain-in-Distress, the Introduction is free. Future installments will take the place of my MGP Vignettes as my $2 Patron incentive. Why do one free chapter? Well, with MGP I have all of the MGP storyline to give a reader a feel of what an MGP Vignette might be about. 

However, Villain-In-Distress is a completely new story that you all have no idea if you'd enjoy. I felt I should give you all a sample of what it'd be about before you'd decide if you wanted to do the $2 a month donation. I'd hate for someone to be kind enough to get all excited to read a new Taralynn story only to start reading and find out they hate the tone of it!

The first chapter (is it Issue?) of Villain-in-Distress will go up on on the 14th of each month, except for this month, when it goes up on the 15th. I need an extra day to finish the first chapter... or issue. I'll just make a freaking poll. Here. Poll:

To read the introduction, just download the pdf attached to this post! I hope you enjoy the Introduction to Villain-in-Distress and thank you for your generous patronage, whether it be monetarily or not!