Villain-in-Distress: Issue 5
This one was a hoot to right. That's right. A hoot. In the process of writing this I have become my grandmother and say things like "a hoot". I'm working hard on delving a bit deeper to get the slang and terminology to sound more fifties-ish. It's tough but it works I think. I hope you enjoy it too. Please comment here on if you thought getting the lingo up worked at all.

Also, I'll be making a post about it on my website but I've taken a new approach to writing overall that is producing some good results... I'm waking up at 5am every weekday to get half-an-hour to and hour of writing in. I read a self-help book and it made this suggestion and I have found it to be producing some major results... at the cost of sleep but I'm surprised by how not-tired I am through the day with this small change. It's going to help me get more volume out so big win for you the reader! :)

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