Villain-in-Distress: Issue 9
Sorry for the delay everyone. I was getting back in the swing of things and... well, basically tax season hit in the USA and I work in the financial sector. This time was of a particular nightmare because of issues with the IRS website having issues and blargh.

But! I'm almost caught up on Villain-in-Distress despite all this! This is for March and there is still the one for April that will be going up next week.

Speaking more specifically about this particular issue, it was important to me to show Vytri had a few resources she was trying to get back under her control. Because of how the story starts out with Lanci railroading Ephemeral and stealing his most powerful Boons, I thought I should show that he wasn't a totally incompetent villain. It also gave me a bit of a chance to go into his background.

I'm utterly fascinated by how America modernized in the 50s era. The modernization started in the cities and slowly moved out to the more rural areas. For a long time, the rural parts of America stayed rural and everyone that was born into farming died into farming. It wasn't until the 50's when televisions became cheap enough for even farmers to own that kids who grew up on farms could see what life was like in the big city and would start to understand just how different it was.

I like the idea that Ephemeral had these awesome powers and felt wasted out on the farms. He wanted to be where the action was and larger than life. And even though heroes were big names, it were the villains who were the movers and shakers in the cities so he easily was attracted to that lifestyle.

The other reason I wanted to poke at his life growing up on an apple orchard is I wanted to hit something that I didn't think was super clear when I started the story: Vintner was always her family name. The Universe is lazy so it wouldn't change things. Part of Lanci's lot that Vytri inherited was the alliterative name, but not so much L's in the name. So instead of Lavender Lanxavi Lanci she's Vintner Vespevi Vytri.

Admitedly this is a bit of a shoehorn on my part. The way names work on this planet are sort of a mix of Japanese, Russian, and Hispanic naming conventions. The first name is the family name. The middle name is your father or mother's name along with the suffix -vi or -von (meaning "daughter" of or "son of"). And the last name is the given name. So her ancient ancestors had the name Vintner as they worked grape fields making wine. Her mother's name is Vespe. And Vytri is what the Universe decided she would have been named if her parents had her as a daughter instead of son and decided on alliteration.

Is that too much of an explanation for a small thing? Probably but it makes me happy anyway. :)

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