Villain-in-Distress: Issue 11

This one is a bit longer than my usual ViD Issues but it just didn't work at the shorter length so I put more story there. Not that I'm guessing you all will complain at all :P

Everything below here is spoiler so please finish reading before you go further:

I love writing chapters like this. Er... Issues. These are issues. Regardless, lots of dialogue is something I enjoy. I think it comes from a lifetime of watching comic book-styled shows where dialogue can really shine.

I had a lot of back and forth in my head on several lines so this process had a ton of editing (and hasn't ACTUALLY been touched by my editor yet so more is to come).

Something I didn't get to touch on in the chapter but liked to consider was how brutal  Dō's beatdown of the greasers was and both he and Vytri just go along their merry way. Even as a chronic damsel-in-distress she's been desensitized to the violence.

You also have now seen two of my favorite concepts that lead me to writing this story: Villain gets transformed and suddenly finds herself attracted to the hero she normally fights and villain gets transformed and suddenly finds herself attracted to her henchman she normally orders around. It's a much more different dynamic than I get to write with Robynne who, due to the setup of the story, spends less time reacting to her emotions than she does thinking about them. Vytri on the other hand has much stronger emotional and physical responses due to what Lanci did and so I get to juggle her mixed emotions and instincts more.

Regardless, hope you enjoyed Issue 11!

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