All right! ViD Issue 12 is up for your perusal my friends! Going to be honest here, this Issue I had expected to be... shorter.
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Gain access to Taralynn's monthly super-villain, gender-bending adventure "Villain-in-Distress" six months before it goes public! Follow along as the villain Ephemeral has to deal with a chronic damsel flipping the script on him!
MGP Fan Reel Access! Join the Commission Brainstorming Committee!
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Wanting to get in on the fun I see! Be part of the peanut gallery and make jokes on the MGP Fan Reel, the MST3K version of MGP! Also, when I ask for help with deciding the themes for future Pin-up and Canon Commissions, you'll be part of the team that helps me come up with ideas!
Join the Pin-up Planning Comittee Vote on Pin-up commissions!
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MGP Cheesecake doesn't create itself, gummi donut! It takes a team effort! Gain a vote to decide what future pin-up art will be!
MGP Early Access!
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Holy sugar! 10 bucks a month? Wow! Thank you so much! You get access to my MGP GoogleDocs so you can see what I write as I write it! Feel free to leave commentary or chat with me as I do so! I love feedback and jokes!
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