The Villainette weekly strip is LIVE

[If you RSS, please grab it from the site now!]

I started keeping a notebook last year on unusual experiences being visibly trans and genderqueer — anything from street harassment to silly adventures with friends to salient personal realizations, basically everything I've been reluctant to include in Failing Sky. I wasn't sure if I'd have enough material to turn into a comic at first, especially since I live in such a queer-positive city, but I ended up filling up the notebook in the inside of a month — ultimately bad for me, I suppose, but all great material for a comic strip!

I think there is a lack of good short-form webcomics on trans*, genderqueer and transfeminist topics, and the ones that exist tend to read like infographics or how-to-guides, at the expense of being entertaining and digestible. Other queer strips have been such an important currency in the LGBTQ+ movement, and though I'm clearly not natural with comedy, this is a project that I believe I need to put out in spite of how uncomfortable everything about it is for me ;)

I'll be updating only once a week (on Mondays) so that it won't affect Failing Sky production. I'm hoping it'll get funnier as it goes along, when I get the hang of this whole comedy thing, but even if I fail at comedy you can always count on it at least being catty. Please let me know what you think! I need lots of feedback to make this thing good.

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