VINTAGE DINING SET in two palettes

What's that? You don't think I usually have enough swatches? I quite agree.

Forgotten Grotto on tumblr liberated this wonderful dining set so it doesn't require 'show hidden objects' anymore. Thanks to their generous TOU I've included the meshes in two recolours of it (so you don't need their version, but I recommend it if you want even more cool swatches to play with!).

It comes in 48 Image Spectra colours and 35 Bee's Knees and Electric Pop colours. You can have both or just one.

Shown here with my Clear POP! ReShade preset.

TOU, requirements, and credits: Share and use as you wish, but please do so freely and always allowing others to do the same with your resulting content. Requires the Eco Lifestyle pack. With thanks to fiddlefolk for the Image Spectra palette, teekalu for the Bee's Knees and Electric Pop palettes, and to forgotten grotto for liberating the set.


2021-04-29: updated the chairs with the S4S batch fix for dining chairs after the March patch

Links to all my cc, builds and ReShade presets in one handy place.

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