Violence and Peace
When violence erupts in a peace-seeking community, what is to be done? If it’s between two grown men, is it just “boys being boys” (as suggested by another man) and they can figure it out between them? 

I'm a woman with a promise of peace from Mother Earth. I think She’s let us figure things out pretty much on our own so far, giving us examples and role models to help us learn, and She’s pretty much let the Yang energy of the Father feed and protect us while we grew. We're big enough now to figure things out amongst our collective Self, aren't we? 

I object to being put into a position of judgement - and yet, the safety of the people around me, their ability to share heart-fully at a fire and sleep safely in their beds is a dominant concern to me. (And don't get me started about lovers’ possessiveness! We'll get to that another day…)

I’ve lived in 2 “intentional communities” - the Synergy Hub 1.0 in Rotterdam and a community in Albuquerque. There was violence in both, and I thought it was not addressed appropriately - it wasn’t understanding or supportive; nor was it growth producing - after a brief flurry of concern it was brushed away. I believe, however, the things that spring from such raw visceral emotion are important opportunities to get at the root of what needs to be voiced, what needs to be healed. 

Why is alcohol so often the catalyst for violence? I believe everything has a purpose (though some escape me!) Surely medicinal use of alcohol could be reason enough for its existence, but could there be more? Could one of the reasons it exists be so we DO lose control? give us a chance to see what’s wrong, and what we need to do to fix what's been hidden, stuffed, festering, perhaps, without awareness of its magnitude. If we add guilt, for losing control, to the issues that made it happen, are we any closer to peace? 

Someone asked me: Does peace require non-violence? I think so. We've come a long way as a species, and yet, part of what we each still seek everyday is safety for ourselves and our loved ones. “Our loved ones” are now our “One Human Family”, the entirety of humanity--and we have to start with the ones we are with. They are the ones that hug and hold you. Love the ones you’re with...

I'm not saying we shouldn't have disagreements! Lively ones too! These are how we co-create the peace that works for All That Is! If we don't hold respect and the best for all as the ultimate goal, we are still immature souls, thrashing through life without good and clear intent. 

It was inspired… 

There was violence in the community we’re staying at and, while “the boys” (as in “boys will be boys”) had apologized and hugged, I had not had the benefit of that reconciliation. I was reluctant to ask “that man” for/to do anything, and that was an uncomfortable feeling. You see, I like him; I finally got to the point where it was more important to heal the breach than to avoid him. I went next door to visit.

We were sitting on the deck, in the dark, sharing a smoke. I believe it was Spirit guiding my words because I would never have thought to speak to my new young friend, about the violence he was involved in the other day, the way I did. What I heard come out of my mouth (every word rang true) was in response to his statement that he wanted to show people in a practical way, how to be the change. I told him that he was already a role model because of all the work he’s done; all the time he’s put in. I told him that I was sorry; I had expected more of him and it hurt to be so disappointed; my eyes welled up with tears and my voice struggled. He started to defend himself and I interrupted; I held my hand up and said, through my tears, “No--I’m not talking about fault here; I’m talking about participation.”

He said something about being hit in the face and I gently told him, “I know; that’s inflammatory, isn’t it? I’m sorry it happened. Every moment we have is a choice. What kind of future do you want to live in? With every decision you make, you are creating that future. You know the prophecy, the promise of Mother Earth, that Going Forward there shall be Peace? What do you want that peace to look like? You are a role model for the next generations…” and I continued, telling him I was (am) impressed with him. He responded that he loved me and my heart felt like the Grinch’s after Christmas. The young couple with us got up and said they had to go (I had completely forgotten they were there!) I apologized; they reassured me it was time for them to go anyway. 

Our gathering broke up with my friend rushing to get ready to go with them… but not before we shared a long strong hug and I love you’s. This is a hard world, hard work; with love, we all win. 

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Thanks for listening.
Bless you, and all you do...