Violence (in-game version)

Apr 25, 2019

YoshiThePyro posted a comment to the original video, saying that he made an in-game version out of "violence", based on the low quality wav files that come with the mod.

I thought I could try to put together an in-game version myself, using the source WAV files that I still have lying around on my hard-drive.

It was pretty straight forward. Some effects needed a bit more work to replicate, but I think I got pretty close. The most interesting sound was in the beginning: Back then, I actually used a drum sample from the beginning of the song "Somos", but slowed down by about 400%. That was a bit of a surprise. :D

And apparently I didn't save one of the voices in a separate file, but luckily I still had the complete fourth part of the song mixed down in a separate WAV file.

Please let me know what you think!

I hope you all are having a good week! More (new) music is on the way. 🎵


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