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Violent Bible rap
Hello Patrons, how are you? You may have noticed I have been completely off radar for a few weeks now. This is because I have moved house to a new city. I finally have space to make music and videos without tripping over myself every time I move :) I've also been falling behind on the Patron rewards, partly due to the move and partly due to being a very disorganised person. I'm settling down now and putting a system in place so that I can work out who needs to get what. If there is something I have missed or forgotten just let me know with a private message :) Now then, here is my newest video, which took over a year to finally put together. I got together with my friend Dave and we sifted through the Bible for all the violent bits, then rearranged them so that they rhyme. Therefore, this is a horrorcore rap song co-written by me, Dave, and God. Wow!