The Visitor -2nd 'strangers' themed one shot
 This was written 2 years ago as the result of a writing prompt sent to my tumblr inbox!
 I was totally excited by this (though at the time I was watching a crime show about an 18 yr old that got murdered late at night so I was concerned that Abbey might be in some serious danger haha) But I decided to do what I do best and let it not be too, too serious! So here following is the prompt and the story! 
I hope you all enjoy! :D 
Writing prompt for you! 22-year-old Abbey Mauzy is taking the night off to relax from her hectic schedule. She’s recently started a job as a receptionist and, even though she’s had the weekend off, her feet are still killing her from all the hours she worked Mon-Fri. Tonight, she’s lost in the fictional world of T.V. on her laptop, until the early hours of the morning. She finally takes her headphones off. She has to give into sleep at some point. But the second she does, she hears someone pounding on a door downstairs. Write as Abbey explores who - or what - is visiting at such a late hour, and why they’ve been knocking for hours to get her attention. Write how Abbey ultimately gets the person to leave. And then write about the next night… when Abbey Mauzy hears the knocking at the door again. Can go in a fantasy direction, or realistic :) — mahogonygreenmessages 


Abbey froze in apprehension as she heard the pounding on what she could only assume was a door downstairs. Who on this God given earth would be at the door at such an hour? The thought frightened her to think about. And yet the sound still did not go away. Did she dare call someone like 911 or the police? 

Yet it didn’t sound like someone banging to be frightening necessarily. She wasn’t sure what gave that away but perhaps it was a feeling in her gut that suddenly came over her at the thought that maybe someone was in trouble!

She rushed downstairs anxiously. She prayed she was right but all the same she kept her cell in her hand with 911 already dialed and ready to hit “send” to initiate the call.

“Who’s there!?” she cried out; standing near her door. The banging persisted. “Stop that and tell me who you are right now or I’m calling the cops! It’s almost one thirty in the morning for God sakes have some respect.”

The banging stopped. And then a moment later she was startled when whoever or whatever it was on the other side of the door knocked politely four times then paused. It was here that she realized the sound came from about half her height on the door! Whoever it was knocking was short!

She looked out the peephole and saw the top of someone’s head. They were brunette but that’s all she could tell.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she muttered as she unlatched the door and prepared to open it to her visitor. Her hand tightened on the cellphone in her other hand; ready to connect her emergency call.

Only she didn’t have to. Standing outside her door was a child no older than nine or ten years old. The moment the young brunette laid eyes on Abbey, the twenty-two year old was embraced at the waist. 

Naturally, this surprised her. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “Um… Um…hi?” she tried but the child hugged tighter.

Abbey slowly and awkwardly embraced the kid and then wondered whether it was a boy or a girl!

Finally seconds later the child stepped away from her and looked up into her face. It was a young boy it seemed. His hands suddenly moved and it seemed he was using them to talk. He looked relieved as he signed a short sentence and stared at her expectantly.

Abbey didn’t know what to do; she didn’t know sign language! “Um, I’m sorry,” she stated slowly; hoping the boy could read lips. “But I do not know sign language.”

The child looked confused a moment then nodded. He moved his hands as though writing on a notepad. That she understood.

“Come in,” she urged and the child obeyed. She had a notepad nearby at her telephone and fetched it for him to write on. She wrote something first though. I’m sorry that I can’t understand you in the other way she wrote.

The boy read it and took the pen and wrote himself. Then he handed her back the paper. Its okay Mom I forgot. it said.

This made Abbey frown. Mom!? She shook her head at the kid and wrote: I’m not your Mom

yeah you are he wrote back. and I don’t know why you’re writing cuz I can hear you silly!

“You can hear me?” she asked him out loud and he nodded. “Okay well then I’m sorry but I’m really confused. I’m not your mother. My name is Abbey. I think you might be lost sweetie…”

He shook his head and wrote on the paper. not lost. you are Abbey Mauzy rite now rite?


I’m your son. its a long story but I found your house. I’m really happy to see you again.

Abbey stared at the kid with a slight frown of concern. She looked him over. He was skinny, a bit pale, had dark brown hair (like her) and when he looked at her again she saw that he did oddly resemble her in his facial features. And yet this was impossible, wasn’t it!? She crouched down to his level and looked into his eyes and realized she was staring back into eyes that she had seen before. They were bright and blue and she’d know the shape and colour of those eyes easily because they were the eyes she had so desperately been trying to stare into at work this past week.

They were the eyes of one of her co-workers Lucas Mackenzie. It seemed impossible but she could be certain almost without a doubt that these were the same eyes that had captivated her attention at her new job. “No this is impossible,” she declared out loud; not meaning to really. “Me and Luke?! No way.”

The kid smiled. Yes so you have met Dad then! he wrote.

“Lucas Mackenzie is your Dad?” she asked incredulously. The boy nodded. “But that’s impossible. You can’t be real; you’re like ten years old and I just met the guy and…and… no. It’s impossible.”

hard to ixplane but I came from futur

“If you came from the future then… well why did you come from the future?!”

sumtimes cant help it but you and dad told me to find you and I’d be ok

“So, you can time travel but you don’t know why?” Abbey was confused.

it keeps me safe the boy wrote.

“Safe from what?” Did she even want to know?

can’t ixplane good sorry Mom. Can I stay here tonight?

Abbey thought about it. “Well if you’re really my son I can’t just let you leave here alone!” she muttered, “Yeah of course. And then tomorrow you’re going to tell me as much as you can okay?”

The boy nodded.

She hugged him; feeling an odd sense of protectiveness overcoming her -even if this kid wasn’t hers he wanted to rely on her. She’d do her best.

“Sorry but what’s your name even?” she asked.

He laughed silently. guess! 

She laughed at his playfulness. “James,” she shot out; stating the name she’d always thought she’d use for one of her children. He gave her the thumbs up. “You’re just joking with me now,” she chuckled.

You said I cood go by Jamie if I want he held up to her.

She shook her head. “Alright fine Jamie. C'mon let’s get you to bed it’s late young man.” Why not take on the motherly role? This entire situation was outrageous; may as well just go with it!

She let James have her bed but he insisted she sleep beside him on the other side and after a short argument she gave in. It didn’t take long for the boy to fall asleep and for several minutes afterward Abbey contemplated what had all transpired.

It was just too weird. She’d have to sort it out in the morning.

When she woke up, there was no sign of James beside her. In a panic and concern, she looked around her house calling out for him and telling him it “isn’t funny to hide like this! Come out right now!” But the boy was nowhere to be found. And more curious yet the doors and windows were all locked and nothing appeared to be missing or out of place.

“Oh my God I had a dream!” she laughed. “Oh jeeze that’s embarrassing! I am never telling anyone especially Luke about this!” she exclaimed out loud.

Abbey Mauzy went about the rest of her day as usual; occasionally thinking about the dream and giving a short chuckle to herself. She was happy it was still the weekend and that she wouldn’t be facing Lucas until Monday after she’d had some time to just put the embarrassment of the dream behind her.

That night she lay on her couch enjoying some orange juice and popcorn as she watched a movie. Halfway through she heard someone knocking at the door again. Abbey glanced at the clock on the wall: 9:18 pm.

With that in mind, and because she wasn’t expecting anyone, she kept her cellphone in hand with 911 ready to go. This time she saw no head outside through her peephole. “Who’s there!?” she called out.

The knocking stopped and then resumed in a pattern; one she used on her friends’ doors sometimes as a joke so that they’d know it was her. “What the hell!?” she whispered; feeling anxiousness creeping over her. Her younger self wasn’t at the door, was it!?

Hesitantly she opened the door and saw again the little boy standing before her. “James!?”

He waved and came inside.

‘Okay so was this a dream or not!?’ her mind raced 'Or am I dreaming again? What is going on?’

James pulled the small notepad from his pocket. Sorry I forgot to return this he wrote but I kept the 1s we used since I’m not alowed to leave stuff proofing I was here behiynd

“Okay so…you were here last night then?” she asked slowly; realizing she hadn’t even bothered to check for the notes to prove or disprove last night whatsoever. James nodded in response. “Well then why the heck did you leave without saying goodbye!?” she cried out; closing the door behind her and locking it; just as a precaution.

He thought and then scribbled something down then thought some more and finished writing. it wood take to long to ixplane befour I wood go so I just went away. Sorry Mom to scare you. when I go some times I can’t stay long I just have to go. Its imporent when I have to go and you and Dad told me not to wait.

“O-okay,” she muttered. “So why are you back here tonight?”

You told me to come back and return the paper and I wanted to tell you more so you woodn’t be confused.

“But I thought it was a dream!” she exclaimed.

James’ eyes widened.

“Are you okay?” she asked him.

I just hope I don’t get in truble now

“Listen tell me not to ground you. If I’m giving you a hard time just…just tell me I was eating popcorn and orange juice tonight and it was the night I was watching the movie ’The Ghost and Mrs. Muir’ for the first time. I’ll write it down for you; here.” She did and handed the paper to him. It also said: “Please don’t ground James; it’s my fault not his.”

James signed 'thank you’ with his hands and she smiled. “You’re welcome. Now James…why can’t you speak but you can hear me?” she asked.

He started signing then paused after two words; remembering he had to write. birth defect. Perfect hearing thow which is awesome. And time travel to.

“Oh! Well, yeah I guess that’s cool yeah…” she agreed, “And um… how old are you?”


“So when were you born?”

He smiled and wrote then handed it to her with a shy expression. I’m not alowed to say sorry Mom. rules. You’d ground me

This made Abbey laugh. “Okay well… Um you said time travel keeps you safe. What does it keep you safe from?”

Hard to ixplane and takes to long to write. You will know eventchully!

Abbey frowned. She’d hoped to learn more. But she’d allow herself to find out in time. “Okay well then why don’t we sit down on the couch together? Can you stay long this time?”

James shrugged and she led him into the living room. “Orange juice.” He nodded and signed yes please.

“Normally I offer visitors pop but since you’re only 11 and it’s probably past your bedtime I am just giving you orange juice.”

James laughed silently and stuck out his tongue.

“Hey! Respect your Mom!” she laughed.

Sorry he mouthed.

“Okay well we can watch TV until 10 PM and then it’s bedtime okay?”

He nodded in agreement.

“Hey James can you at least tell me if you’re in danger?”

I’m not when I’m here so you don’t need to worry Mom he wrote with a gentle smile and handed it to her.

She nodded. “Okay good. Good.”

They spent the next half hour watching TV together and when Abbey went to turn off the TV she saw James fast asleep. He looked so young and cute and she couldn’t help but feel like despite all the craziness of the idea of having a son from the future that the boy in front of her truly was connected to her and she would do her best to take care of him if and when he ever showed up on her door.

She grabbed a blanket from nearby and covered him up but not before noticing one last note he had grasped in his hand. She set it aside and tucked the blanket around him before she read it.

And no telling Dad anything about me or about us in the future be cuz then YOU will be grounded! and then you and Dad might never fall in love. THINK OF THE KIDS MOM! he wrote and added a happy face at the end. That made Abbey smile. “Alright I promise it’ll be our little secret little man,” she whispered; pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Sleep well my little prince.”

“May stars carry you to sweet dreams,” she saw James mouthing along as she said the words a second later.

She blushed as his eyes slowly opened to her and he mouthed “goodnight Mom” before falling back asleep.

And with that she suddenly got the feeling like her life was exponentially changed. All those hours that made her feet hurt at this new job suddenly seemed so incredibly worth it. She almost couldn’t wait until Monday morning. Almost.