Vita, by Reggie
Dis is mi daughta, Vittoria, who prefers a be called Vita. Mi did nah name her Vittoria, mi would nah do dat a chile. 

Der is discussion sumtimes inside abwt wot it mean a have personalites o different race. Wi nah know why it happens for all de otha races inside, but wi tink in Vita's case it has much a do wiv othaness just judgin by her attitute towards hersel. Vita has a bit o othaness, bein one o only two mixed race personalites (de otha bein Melanie, who is half Korean) an also she is one o our only plus-sized gyels, suh she has a bit o self-conzhiousness. Vita hersel has much abwt her dat relates a our childhood, accordin a Mima an Victor, an she has frequent menzhion how she always seemed a be nah good nuff fo people (mainly her otha mother), an people always was always havin expecazhions o her dat she felt she could nah possible match. Victor menzhion dat him an Mima knew a coupla African-American gyels when dey woz tiny children, an how dey had coily hair dat all de otha children mek fun o. Vick him nah undastan why dey mek fun, him tink de coily hair woz pretty.

Suh may be sumweh outta all dat wi end up wiv likkle Vita, mi bebe, who growed up bein tol by her otha motha dat she should bleach her skin an straighten her hair. She woz taught sorta ol fashioned RP english fo be respectable suh she sounds mo British den de Queen. She moved in wiv mi back when mi woz her dad, nah mum #2, an mi happy a seh mi had a good influence an she stopped wiv de hair straightenin an skin bleachin. 

She has a buncha kind o odd conflicts in hersel, coz she is black chile who woz taught she should look white who den foun out she actually IS white in real life, but she still has nah quite accepted dat bein black is alright too. She got lots o major self-conschiousness abwt a body she now knows is nah de real life body, suh she undastandably feely kinda self-indulgent abwt talkin bwt her issues.