After spending the better part of the last year on the pieces in my 'Patient' series and especially after finishing the behemoth that is 'Heartlines' I wanted to do a small series

But of course I couldn't stop with a small series I needed to do 14 of them. As opposed to 'Patient' which is very time and emotion intensive these were smaller one-off pieces that each came to life unscripted and unplanned. They are loosely based around the seven deadly sins and seven cardinal virtues but their true nature and meaning is up to an individuals interpretation. It was a delight to create them and I'm hoping to continue making smaller more bite-size pieces of art in the future. 

Again - I could not have done this without the support of my Patrons. I honestly can't tell you all how much your continued support and interest means to me. Thank you. 

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At this level I'll have some posts that are unavailable to the public - progress shots and behind the scenes pics.
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