Vodka O'Clock 1614: Our favorite #PSYCH episodes by Amber, Josh, & JK!

It's the Monday following another weekend of horrific world news. I wondered if I should post this episode of Vodka O'Clock today -- if it would be insensitive and look like I'm not mourning the losses of the 50 people killed in Pulse nightclub. I didn't think too long because I truly believe that we need to find joy wherever possible even during our worst moments. When you're heartbroken, you may turn to TV or put your favorite music on loop. In my long years of fighting depression, this TV show, PSYCH was one of my go-to at home remedies. It's not a cure, but since it first aired, it has been a comfort. If anything I produce can provide anyone with a level of comfort during a time of crisis, I will consider myself grateful for making the difference. If you can listen to Josh & I laugh while I read through JK's messages and our own favorite silly, emotional moments of PSYCH, maybe for one hour, you will feel some pain lift from your heart too.