The Voice and The Messenger
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The Voice and The Messenger are two spirits from The Legend of Jamie Roberts. They inhabit a parallel dimension that exists in Corith, called The Way. The Way is where spirits are created before they become flesh in The World, and when that flesh dies, the spirit returns to The Way.

Once in a while, there will be someone who will sleep at night, and their spirit wonders into The Way before returning back to their bodies in the morning. These people are known as Dwend'ah (if you live in Leona) or D'wayd'ah (if you live south of Leona) - both names mean "Way Walkers."

Dwend'ah will often receive words of warning or premonitions from the spirits who live in The Way, and the Dwend'ah can relay these messages to The World. Dwend'ah are considered extremely important, especially in places where the veil between The Way and The World is thin enough that Mocktaw (dark spirits) can cross into The World. Dwend'ah can predict when Mocktaw will appear, and when.

The Voice is a nonbinary spirit who watches over the roaming Dwend'ah in The Way. That job used to belong to The Messenger... but The Messenger has had a new duty since The Dragon of the Sun was banished to The Way 500 years before The Legend of Jamie Roberts starts.

The Messenger was the guardian of Dwend'ah before becoming watch-soul of The Dragon of the Sun. However, The Messenger still maintains their job of guardian of crossroads - if you intend to travel in The World, make offerings to The Messenger at specific stops, or carry a talisman of The Messenger with you. Otherwise your path will be fraught with chaos.

Similarly, if you intend on projecting your soul into The Way, say a prayer or keep the talisman of The Messenger on you - otherwise, your soul may wander in The Way and be lost.

The above image was a painting I made of both spirits that was on exhibition at Visions & Shadows, a show run by the Stifel Fine Art Center in Wheeling, WV. The Voice is the one in blue and the Messenger is the mischievous spirit behind them.