Voice Carving: An Interview with Ellery Krueger
On Tuesday May 29th, at 7pm, we will be hosting a workshop entitled "Carving Your Voice", taught by writer and poet, Ellery Krueger. 

I wanted to ask him a few questions about why he decided to teach this class - and what he hopes you will get out of it if you attend. 

Here we go:

Can you give a brief intro about yourself, and why you are teaching this class? What are your poetry chops?

I’m from Sioux Falls, lived here my whole life. I started writing poetry in preschool or kindergarten. It was a book on mother gooses nursery rhymes that really inspired me to write poetry and since then I haven’t stopped. I write books, short stories, lyrics, and the occasional thought provoking statement. 

My poetry extends to many different areas. I don’t just scream into the microphone, “The place is on fire!” I like to write on a wide variety of subjects, anything from love poems, to the mundane aspects of life, to a satirical look at the world around us. 

The reason I wanted to teach this class is because of the overwhelming amount of people that have come up to me after my performances and said, “I want to do what you do.” So I hope to inspire some people to find their own unique and talented voice. 

What can people expect from the workshop?

One of the most important things for a poet is to be heard. I know I have a distinct voice, but just know you don’t have to scream to have a powerful speaking voice. There are techniques that I’ve developed over the years to help me find my own distinct and unique voice and I want to share them with others. 

What do you hope people walk away from the class with?

Every poet has a voice hiding deep inside them, I hope to extract that voice and give it to the poet so they will become a more powerful speaker and presenter of their artistic work.  

What is radical self expression, to you? 

Radical self expression to me is taking a deeper look at yourself and sharing the ugliness we often choose to ignore with others. The point is not to turn those things into a beautiful flower basking in the sunlight, but to capture the moment that flower withers in the darkness and put it on the page.   

Favorite poet/poem? 

Vincent Van Gone, go check him out right now. He is a prophet without ears, a charlatan with words and a philosopher of great thoughts without purpose or meaning to his life.   

Fran Hennessey, she is one of my all time favorites. Most people wouldn’t think this about me, but I love her poetry because it is all about her love of the sea.  

John Guzlowski, the man speaks straight from the heart, there is no sugar coating it. He truly expresses everything about himself, no matter how ugly or vile it is to look at. 

Catch the first 'Carving Your Voice' workshop on Tuesday, May 29th, 7pm, at Exposure Gallery on Phillips Ave.   

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