Voice Tip! Singing with a cold!
I have a COLD! Here's a look at my routine for singing when feeling under the weather. 

Since my patron rewards are voice lessons- this is the first in hopefully many voice tip videos. 

I've made this video public so it can be shared with, and viewed by others who might want to partake in lessons or in the new 15 minute mini sessions! Those are a great option for those who just have a quick question or concern. 

PLEASE share this! 

I have a new goal of being able to afford a soundproof room for my recording. With this- I'll be able to devote more time to recording covers, voice overs, audio books, and making more clean recordings for more music videos! I'll then be able to follow through on your requests in a much more enjoyable way.

Please help me make that happen! 

Hope you enjoy and that this helps you out when you need it!