Void Hand: test paint
This is the kind of post that will typically be patrons-only! :)

Void project test paint! Video is a sequence of stills of the process, put together stop-motion style, with a short video clip at the end of the final result.

I bought some additional glitter the other day, so part of this test was to check up on the ideal blend of glitter sizes and colours. I also wanted to test out whether white areas/shapes seemed important to the overall aesthetic (yes) and how good the coverage would be on fingernails and mobile areas like knuckles. 

I'm very pleased, and it went faster than I feared, whew. It is hard to photograph the result, especially once glitter is placed - the subtlety, darkness, and saturation of the colours all conspire with the glitterflash to confound my phone camera. I'll need to work around that when it's time to photo/video the real deal. I did use more black this time than the first experiment (banner image), perhaps a bit of an overcorrection. I'll experiment with that more deliberately next time.

Hoping to do a full-scale paint (head, arms, torso) on my duet buddy sometime in November! Both as design experiment but also as timing experiment. She has a Serious Camera, too, so maybe she can help me capture timelapse video - I think it'll be cool to watch.

You'll also be seeing a special patrons-only poem drop for Halloween, and then in a few weeks the monthly poem which will go public at the end of November. Tomorrow, October's patron poem goes public. I'm really excited to have a way to share these pieces with you! And to be making progress on installations - I've dreamt of this for so long. Every little bit helps, so, thank you so much!