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Voidwalker - Ch2, p10
Firstly, a big thank you to everyone for your continuing support! It means a whole lot to me, just so you know!

Anyway... I like writing in Gorm's voice, it's refreshing to work within the limitations of e-prime (no using any form of "to be"). I wouldn't want to write a whole thing in it, but a bit of variation is always nice. Veyr minor re-writes in this segment (a stray "be" had managed to make its way in and needed to be cut, and a small paragraph about chores to help illustrate Gorm's way of thinking; that'd be the "teaser" below).

For the rest... I added a segment and shifted the minor rite to take place before Sethian's de-stasis-ification because it makes it easier for the reader to get what's going on. I hope. This also meant a bunch of re-writes in the following segment, but nothing has actually changed in terms of important events (though one or two minor revelations are new).

Oh, and if anyone is wondering why I write these little "what did I alter during editing" bits, they're to serve both as a note for you incredible Patrons (so you can better decide if you want to re-read a page if you read the Thursday version and the changes are minor for a given week) and to help illustrate why and what I've changed for those curious about my process ^^

(Also, they help make the "paid posts" a bit longer, since these posts about the weekly update are the ones I actually get paid for)

And now, I give you the dark magics of Sethian the Dark Lord of Arlath:


He went over his mental checklist of things to do, seeking an appropriate time for such a task. He had completed preparations for both the minor rites and the full ritual, as per the master’s cryptic message. He still needed to pay the taxes, send out orders for renovating the facade, and now request the mages send someone to repair the mansion’s guardians. Dusting and cleaning remained a constant chore, given the size of the residence as compared to a staff of one. If only they still had the resources to-