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Volca FM, PO-12, Keystep jam time!
Hey everyone!

In the midst of my animation premiere week I finally found time to make a proper jam video with the Volca FM. Also adding the PO-12 for some quick rhythm sketching was well suited for the task.

In this unedited video I'm throwing 6 jams with the above gear. Also some use of the iOS app Midiflow to route and filter MIDI between the device. In this case I also to used Midiflow to convert the Mod wheel to the VolcaFM's Velocity (cc41), and filter out the MIDI clock.

I decided to keep it unedited to show the complete workflow, and also to highlight how fun the Keystep is! I love the sequencer, the arpeggio, the easy-to-access note gate and and swing. This is all made with musicians in mind. It's great to make a basic sequencer on the Volca. And then use the Keystep to play with its own sequencer on top of the Volca. And in the end freestyle while both of the sequencers are running. Great fun!

Ok dear friends. Enjoy! ;-)


00:00 hello
01:47 jam 1
06:37 jam 2
14:44 jam 3
20:58 jam 4
31:50 jam 5
40:21 jam 6
47:10 bye bye, midiflow app, how to donate, xxx