Voltapix - Asuna
This is my latest track I put out. I got the inspiration from one of the first Anime shows I watched...you probably know it.

It reminds me of the sense of adventure, and running through a grassy field with the wind rushing through my hair.


It is very fast paced, structure-wise. It starts off with a hook, goes into crazy drums, and then the first drop.

The first drop alternates between a dubstep growl, spacious chords, and a flippy arp.

Then it goes into the second drop, which has the same dubstep growl, but with a happy pluck crossed with a flute playing over it.

After that. everything changes as it goes into the breakdown+bridge. I tried to not drop off to much energy, and after 2 measure of the piano, the chords, the lead, and a big clap come in.

Then the song suddenly arrives at a third, crazy drop, where I introduce a new, aggressive growl sound that alternates with the previous sound from drops 1 and 2, and all the sound mashes together.

It finally goes into the outro with a new melody to give the listener ever more variety, but with the same crazy drums as the intro, and then descends until there is nothing but the same repeating note playing of the intro lead all by itself.

And the song ends.