Volume 3 Updates - The Codex Machina & New Pledge Levels
Hey folks!

We're getting ready to release our first issue of Volume 3, and I've got some special news to announce: we're adding a podcast to The Fate Codex! 

The Codex Machina

Over the past few years, we've had a lot of cool conversations about Fate with our contributors and editors. We talk about how their pieces are going, what they learned from writing a particular system or essay, and where they think Fate is going next. 

Now we're going to start sharing those conversations with you (along with a few other fun segments) through our new Fate Codex podcast, the Codex Machina

Each month, we'll interview a few contributors to The Fate Codex, answer some questions from our backers, and generally bring you into the conversation we're having about the future of Fate. I'm really excited about this new development, and I think it's the perfect way to kick off Volume 3!

Backers at the $1.99 level (Basic Subscription) will get a preview of this podcast consisting of a single interview, along with some general updates on the status of the next issue. Backers who are backing at $3.00+ will get the full podcast, packed full with two interviews, a Q&A session, and even special guests who drop by to talk about Fate. 

Here's a preview (also attached to the post) featuring me interviewing Sarah Richardson about her piece in our last issue, Feminine Horror:


We've added a bunch of new features to pledges, including the opportunity to get a shout out on the air, submit questions to the Q&A, and even get a small ad spot featured on the podcast. 

We hope you're excited about this new podcast too! And if you're ready to get the full version (starting in March) up your pledge to $3+ and we'll deliver our second episode to you toward the end of March, after we publish our first issue in Volume 3. 

Other Pledge Changes

In addition to adding the Codex Machina to the pledge levels, we're also making some changes to the existing pledge levels:

Extra Issues

We're dropping the extra issues from all the pledge levels. Only a small fraction of people who pledged at higher levels actually used this feature, and it means a whole separate process that I often forget to do. (womp womp) To keep the process simple, we're no longer going to offer that option. 

That's not to say we don't want you to spread the word about The Fate Codex. If you'd like to share the issue you've bought with a friend or two, that's cool with us! If you want to send out a particular issue to your whole gaming group, we can't stop you! But please don't post the issues anywhere where folks can randomly download them. 

Psychics Deleted

We're completely dropping The Psychic level. We had hoped that we would have stuff to talk about on a private email list, but the production cycle of The Fate Codex doesn't really lend itself to this style of communication. Rather than keep charging folks $20 for something that isn't working, we're just going to drop the level.

Podcast Advertising

We're adding 15-second ads to the two existing tiers for half and full page advertising. We'll be in touch this month to get copy from you for those ads. 

1-1 Fate Consults

We're dropping our two highest levels and replacing them with a new 1-1 Fate consult ($100). Basically, this level is for anyone who wants to meet with me 1-1 to talk about Fate, either their designs or 1-1 coaching on running games. We'll meet over Skype for about 45-minutes, on whatever schedule you want to set up. :D


It's incredible that we're launching our third year of The Fate Codex. Every time I work on a piece, I'm blown away that we've been able to produce so much great content over the past two years, and I'm excited to see what this next year holds.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the cover preview of the first issue of Volume 3! We can't wait to get the full thing out to you early in March!