Volume 4 update- and V5 resuming!
Monday's Volume 4 update:  http://www.dreamkeeperscomic.com/GNSaga.php?pg=326

And in rather exciting news-

We're back to Volume 5 work!

This year has had a few diversions- albeit fun ones:

Transforming the Wayward Astronomer novel into a fully-illustrated spectacle, developing some video game matte paintings, completely re-doing the website in all its sparkly glory, working on style guides and specifications for the current Plush Kickstarter- not to mention weekly Preludes.

But now, caught up on e-mails and with a small buffer for the webcomic, with the website done, at last it's time.

Volume 5 production resumes this week- I'll look forward to sharing sneak peek updates in here with you guys!   (Not spoiler stuff, but teaser stuff.)

Thank you for making this possible!