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Thank you so much for the incredible support!

Hope you can find the patches for this tier useful and interesting. 

They are generally bigger and more complex patches, or works in progress on which I'm still working on. 

- You've got all the benefits of lower tiers.

- Access to my 20€ more complex patches.

- Access to my Discord channel where you can suggest me video or patches content or pose questions, and interact with the other patrons.

After you supported the channel for more than 20€ in your pledge lifetime, you will be invited into a special Discord channel, where I share the Fidelity Folder that contains all the patches I ever created.

So it pays back to stick around for a while!

Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support
  • Video tutorials & lessons
  • Discord Integration
  • Amazin Jitter Patches
  • Exercises Correction
  • Complex Projects
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