Vote for my Doenut Squishable
 Only 3 days left and I need a 4.2 or higher to have this become a reality.Please vote,it takes only a bit of time.You need an account but you can just hook ur fb up which is easier.

Please vote it a 5,NOTHING LOWER.It lowers my score if you do that!

I designed this myself a few months back and it finally got put up for vote.All it needs is a 4.2 and higher to get selected for prototyping. All you need to do is make an account and give it a vote of 5. This will speed up the process on its score.

If it gets enough votes and ends up with a successful prototype, it will be released and a sellable product. Ill defiantly link it if it gets that far.

I would appreciate if you all could vote and try to spread this around, it really helps me out since I do get a small bit of cash from this if the sketch makes it.

Link is

Thank you!