Vote for your preference of character!
So I'm planning to write another special story from one of the other characters' points of view for Christmas/the holidays and I am taking votes via email! 

As a Patreon patron you get five points to dole out as you see fit. You can give one point to each character if you can't decide, or give all five to one, or split them up -- just drop me a message to let me know either in reply to this or email to ctan.writer @ how to dole out your points to:

• Carynne

• Courtney

• Sarah

• Bart

• Colin

Daron will tweet/facebook the progress of the leaderboard as time goes on. Right now Bart and Colin are in the lead but only two people have voted so far. :-) 

If you want MORE POINTS to vote, drop a review on Volume 8 to Amazon and that's worth 10 points! :D


P.S. Link post coming on Thursday as usual. And yes, there will be posts next week on Tuesday and Thursday, even though Thursday is a major holiday here! I've already set the chapter up to drop automatically!