Voter Suppression Week: Barack Obama
I am no Obama lover. He, politically, is like Richard Nixon without as much corruption. Well, the corruption that is there is legalized. I'm not to say he's so good or anything, but as an orator, he's amazing. He's inspirational when he brings his "A" game.

The problem with a lot of Democrats, and I was guilty of this, too, in 2008, is we created the leader we want to see. In fact, Bernie Sanders supporters are doing it now. As I said before:

Bernie is not dead, but he has become a symbol. People are making him into a representative of their hopes, this is good for winning.

Obama also became a symbol we have put our wants into him and he is not the raging liberal we thought he was. After making the Republican plan become "Health Care Reform," allowing drilling in the Arctic, TPP, Drone program, ignoring #BlackLivesMatter, and every other issue Obama fell short on, I know he's not going to fix this issue. Honestly, I love the sentiment and the quote.

Obama does lay out perfectly what the real voter fraud is. Sadly, he won't do anything about it.

I have no hopes that he will. This doesn't help Wall Street. This doesn't help the donors he's wooing to build his presidential library.

You know what? For the entire time he's been president, the almost 7 years, there is one thing he has been worried about, even before he took office, and that was his legacy.

I would love to say to Obama, "If you want to seal your legacy, don't fight for free trade agreements, allowing oil to drill when ever and where ever. Don't let corporate interests dictate what you do. Be the man the American people thought they were voting for. Protect the vote. Even Calvin Coolidge, the president who sent us on the collision course with the Great Depression, the president who tried to destroy labor unions in Massachusetts, the president who inspired Ronald Reagan, the most corrupt administration ever to hold office, understood the importance of democracy.

"Save democracy.

"Let that be your legacy. Fight for a new voting rights act, fight for laws to stop this voter id scam, fight for democracy and the people will remember. Don't do this to promote yourself, do it for the American people. When you are selfless, you will be remembered like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, both Roosevelts, and John F. Kennedy. You came in office asking the American people to serve those in need, please, for the sake of our nation, save our democracy.

"It's in your power. You can do this. Don't let these true words ring hollow by inaction."

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