The Votes are In: Two New Pitches Added
Over the last week we ran another pitch-voting opportunity for our $12-and-up Insiders, and the results are in! We've added these two pitches to the front page. It'll be a while before they happen, of course, with our roster as full as it is, but that doesn't diminish our excitement. :) ​Masters of Umdaar (by Dave Joria): Behold the fallen world of Umdaar, home to savage warriors, cyborg insects, and merciless warlords. Oh, and lasers—lots and lots of lasers. "Masters" is a retro tribute to such shiny serials as John Carter of Mars, Flash Gordon, He-Man, Thundercats, and many more! ​ ​Slip (by Chris Caporaso): Our universe is on the verge of colliding with another. Shadowy denizens from other worlds have begun to slip through into the dark places in ours, causing night terrors, disappearances, deaths, and worse. Most people choose to remain ignorant of the danger, but there are some who seek the cause and a way to stop it: a group known as Vigilance. Some members are afflicted with strange powers that appeared when the creatures did, while others simply want to protect their world and their sanity. You play as these investigators to learn all you can about the threat. Knowledge is your only weapon. Arm yourselves, stop the incursion, and try not to Slip. Thanks to the 81 Insiders who shared their thoughts with us over the past week!
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